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Indian Ambassador

We, SHIV OM BRASS INDUSTRIES had participated in Exhibition MCE Mostra, 2018 held at Milano, Italy.
During the opening day of the Exhibition on 13th march, 2018 our Indian Ambassador Mrs. Reenat Sandhu had visited Indian pavilion at our Booth Z-48.
We were honoured in greeting her at our booth, which really shows the great support from the Indian government in Make in India concept to encourage the small scale companies to promote the Indian origin products in European countries & do the Business globally.

Indian ambassador
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Recently Shree. Narendra Modiji the Prime Minister of India had visited Dwarka. Mr. Snehal M. Gohel (CEO) of Shiv Om Brass Industries along with the other Jamnagar industry friends had visited Mr. Narendra Modiji and donated Rs. 1.5 Crores to the welfare fund of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan and also gifted Shree Narendra Modiji with some Spiritual Novels. The above picture shows Mr. Snehal M. Gohel presenting the spiritual Novels to Shree Narendra Modiji.

Navratri Festival 2017

Gujarat’s Navratri Festival, is “a circle of ecstasy” that throbs non-stop for nine nights and millions of fantastically costumed devotees swaying in a fusion of dance and devotion. Although this festival is celebrated throughout India, nowhere is it performed with more panache and favor than in Gujarat.

The significance of Navratri is offering devotion to Goddess Amba (Durga), who is believed to exist in many forms. These Goddesses are believed to be known as “Shakti” as the tales narrate their power over killing of demons. Parvati, the wife of Shiva is said to have taken different forms of Goddesses. Devotees perform the ‘devi-sthaapna’ in their homes wherein they invite the Goddesses and perform ‘Pooja-Path’ with fasting for nine days.

Every year, Navratri festival brings in innovation in music, choreography, and costumes and has enthralled audience with its beauty and cultural tradition.
Gujarat celebrates 'Navratri - Where Life is a Celebration' with tourists flowing to Gujarat to enjoy the traditional 9 days of Music and Dance. It reflects spiritual values of Gujarat. Navratri exhibits the rich culture and heritage of the State. Those who visit Navratri festival carry a message of vibrant Gujarat, spiritual Gujarat and holy Gujarat.

The festival is enjoyed by all communities, all age groups and in all cities in Gujarat. People all over the world come to Gujarat especially to enjoy this traditional and religious festival.

We at “Shiv Om Brass Industries” celebrates ‘Navratri’ every year at our factory premises along with all the Employees, Staff’s, Families and Friends. Like every year this year we celebrated the Navratri festival on Date: 29th Sept 2017. Approximately there were more than 500 people gathered on that particular day. We all together enjoyed dancing Garba (Dandia) throughout night as one big family. There were Snacks and refreshment been served throughout night.  We enjoyed ourselves as following day was declared holiday and there was no tension of coming to work.

Saurashtra Ratna Award 2017
Snehal Gohelwins Taking Saurashtra National – Ratna Award
Sheer passion for business, unconditional love for the nation and being a visionary for the future earned Shri Snehal Gohel the "Taking Saurashtra National Ratna Award" from Respected Chief Minister Shri Vijay Rupani on behalf of CNBC. The Saurasthra Ratna Award ceremony was held at Khirasara Palace, Rajkot, on the eve of 8th April, 2017. Mr Snehal Gohel was the only individual to be chosen for this Award from the entire Jamnagar city. Shiv Om Brass Industries joined hands with Germany’s erstwhile Leipold Group couple of years ago to manufacture all kinds of Electrical engineering Products. Snehal owns a few manufacturing and inventory facilities in Surat, France, Germany, UK and USA and has long-lasting business clients worldwide. The unique thing about Shiv Om Brass Industries, Jamnagar, is that it runs day and night in three shifts and hasn't been shut down since 2009! Over the years, Shiv Om has become a leading name for manufacturing all types of precision brass components, sheet metal components, mild steel screws, nuts, bolts, washers and plastic moulding components.
Newly appointed Jamnagar Chamber of commerce President honoured by Shiv om Brass industries with Member of Parliament Smt. Poonam ben madam.
Liepold collaboration with Shiv om
Poly technic Student visit
Award for Excellence
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